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Gastric Bypass Revision With Overstitch

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Gastric Bypass Revision With Overstitch

Patients who have had Gastric Bypass surgery occasionally find themselves re-gaining weight over time. One of the possible reasons for weight gain is a stomach pouch that has stretched or increased in size since surgery, allowing a patient to eat larger amounts of food. In a revision procedure the surgeon resizes the stomach pouch to its original post-surgery size.

About OverStitch™

Traditionally, revision procedures are performed as open or laparoscopic surgeries. However, these techniques are accompanied by a complication rate that is three times the risk of undergoing the procedure for the first time. At St. Louis Bariatrics, revisions are performed using the endoscopic technique. Having the procedure performed endoscopically eliminates the complications associated with open or laparoscopic surgery. It is an outpatient procedure performed using a camera the size of an index finger, along with a device that allows Dr. Snow to suture down the size of the pouch and pouch outlet. This leads to a feeling of fullness that is similar in nature to that which the patient felt immediately after the original Gastric Bypass procedure.

Benefits of the Gastric Bypass Revision

  • Revision gives patients a second chance to achieve successful weight loss
  • Endoscopic Revision is a less invasive procedure which allows for quicker recovery

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Results will vary depending on the patient’s medical history and ability to adhere to dietary and exercise guidelines. Studies show that patients who undergo endoscopic revision lose 3 times more weight than Bypass patients who do not undergo the procedure.*
*Results may vary.

What to Expect After Surgery

Since Endoscopic Revision requires no abdominal incisions, the recovery time is brief and most patients resume normal activities within two days.*
*Results may vary.

Wondering if Gastric Bypass Revision with OverStitch™ is Right for You?

If you previously had Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass, and you have started to regain weight despite adhering to a healthy lifestyle then you may be a candidate for revision. Dr. Jay Snow has performed many Endoscopic Revision Procedures, allowing patients a second chance at health and well-being.

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