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Tips for Constipation After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted in Post-Op Wellness, Weight Loss Surgery Resources

Are You Having Problems with Constipation? Constipation may occur within the first few weeks after surgery due to decreased water consumption, low fiber intake and less overall diet volume. If you are feeling discomfort, then what you’re experiencing may be normal. For patients having trouble, here are a few tips to help! Stay physically active […]

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Weight Loss Surgery Can Improve Your Love Life

Posted in Effects of Obesity, Post-Op Wellness, Weight Loss

At St. Louis Bariatrics, we have the honor of seeing firsthand the many ways that our patients’ lives are improved after bariatric surgery.  Beyond health benefits, such as improvement of diabetes, weight loss surgery may improve overall quality of life. In fact, procedures such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass may even enhance a patient’s […]

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Guidelines for Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted in Post-Op Wellness, Weight Loss

Starting or expanding a family is always an exciting time. At St. Louis Bariatrics, we have helped many women who chose to have bariatric surgery before starting a family because they may have had difficulty conceiving due to obesity. For bariatric surgery patients, or for those who are considering weight loss surgery before starting a […]

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Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery – The Facts

Posted in Post-Op Wellness, Weight Loss

Anyone who has had weight loss surgery will tell you that it is a journey. Not only is your body undergoing major changes, but bariatric patients are also faced with learning new healthy habits such as proper diet and exercise. At St. Louis Bariatrics we are dedicated to the success of our patients, and one […]

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Special Self-Pay Pricing on Gastric Sleeve


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Special Self-Pay Pricing on Gastric Sleeve

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