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Where Do I Go From Here?


Where Do I Go From Here?

Our team of bariatric experts is here to guide you each step of the way through the bariatric surgery process, from insurance approval to pre-surgical requirements and payment options. We will be with you after surgery too, as your lifelong partner in health.

We Can Help You Get From Office to OR in 30 Days

At St. Louis Bariatrics, our top priority is weight loss success and improved health for every patient. Many of our patients spent years trying diets and exercise programs that didn’t deliver results, and we don’t want to make them wait any longer than necessary once they take the first step toward weight loss surgery. We will never rush you into a decision, but once you are ready to take the next step, we will make the process as efficient as possible.

The Steps Toward Bariatric Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery, we want to help you to make an informed decision. At St. Louis Bariatrics, we believe that upholding the highest standards of patient safety includes treating each patient as a unique individual. We will not require you to jump through any hoops just because “that’s the way it is done”. If you are using health insurance to pay for bariatric surgery, your insurance plan may have specific requirements for surgery, which we can help you navigate. After we determine that your insurance will cover weight loss surgery or once you confirm your self-pay plan, you’ll take the following steps.*

Here is a general outline of the pre-surgical steps at St. Louis Bariatrics:

Insurance Verification Our insurance experts will help you navigate your benefits to determine coverage for bariatric procedures and get you set up to meet any requirements of your health insurance plan. Self-pay patients, including those who qualify for financing, may have fewer requirements to meet.

Medical Clearance These steps can be completed at your convenience, but are all required in order to move forward:

  • Medical clearance from your primary care physician
  • Psychological clearance from a provider of your choice
  • Diet consultation with our Registered Bariatric Dietitian

Meet Dr. Snow During your bariatric consultation, Dr. Snow will perform a full health evaluation and discuss with you the different weight loss procedures. He will answer your questions and help you feel comfortable with your decision to proceed. This enables you to get to know Dr. Snow, who has been voted a Top Doctor in St. Louis and has received Vitals Compassionate Doctor Recognition every year since 2013.

Preoperative Testing Depending on the details of your medical clearance, additional tests may be required. Commonly required tests include standard lab testing and EKG.

Schedule Surgery With the preoperative requirements completed, our goal is to get your surgery scheduled at your convenience- often times in less than 30 days from the consultation with Dr. Snow!

Take the First Step in Your Journey Toward a Healthier Life

Dr. Snow and the team at St. Louis Bariatrics have helped thousands of people find renewed health, regain their confidence, and live lives that are happier and more active than they ever thought possible. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Snow, or learn more at one of our optional Free Seminars.

*May not apply to some insurances.

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