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Gastric Sleeve vs. Lap Band

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We understand that anyone considering weight loss surgery wants to fully comprehend the wide array of options available to them. At St. Louis Bariatrics it’s important that all of our patients know what options best suit them and their personal weight loss goals. With this in mind we are often asked about the differences between the Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band, and we are happy to offer some information on both procedures.

Gastric Sleeve vs. Lap Band

There are a number of differences between Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band, and while both procedures are successful in allowing patients to lose weight through a combination of surgery, fitness, and diet, there are also some key differences.

Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve procedure is one of the most successful weight loss surgeries for patients with a wide range of BMI’s (Body Mass Index). In this procedure part of the stomach is removed laparoscopically.  The new, smaller stomach allows for portion control, which can help those who have struggled  to succeed with fad diets in the past. Gastric Sleeve surgery is minimally invasive, which means patients have a quick recovery. While a portion of the stomach is removed, no devices are inserted, and the intestines are not re-routed, making it a safe and effective weight loss surgery.

Lap Band

For those with a lower BMI, who are still struggling with portion control and traditional dieting, Lap Band or Gastric Banding can be an effective option. The Lap Band procedure works by controlling portions through an adjustable band that is placed around the stomach, allowing for restricted portion control. While the initial weight loss might not be as dramatic as with Gastric Sleeve, it allows for sustainable weight loss, which many view as a more natural way of losing weight.

The Differences

Gastric Surgery

  • Wider range of BMI
  • No devices implanted
  • Permanent procedure
  • Reduction of Ghrelin, the hormone that signals hunger
  • Minimal effect on nutritional absorption

Lap Band

  • Adjustable amount of restriction from the device
  • Reversable by band removal if needed
  • Requires a more intense follow up regimen
  • No effect on nutritional absorption


Both Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve surgery help assist in weight loss and the health issues associated with obesity, and St. Louis bariatrics is dedicated to help you find which procedure is best for you. Contact us today to speak with an experienced member of our team.

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