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Am I A Candidate?

Who Gets Bariatric Surgery?

People typically seek out Weight Loss Surgery because they have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise, but they have been unable to attain long-term success. Patients often consider Weight Loss Surgery as a solution to obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and hypertension. Other reasons that patients cite for their decision for Weight Loss Surgery include the ability to be more involved in family activities, a desire to live longer, and to regain self confidence.

How Do I Determine If I Am A Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

The best way to determine if Weight Loss Surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. Here are some general guidelines for bariatric candidates:

  • A BMI over 40
  • A BMI over 30 and the presence of one or more obesity-related health conditions
  • Knowledge of the the risks and benefits of Weight Loss Surgery
  • Willingness to commit to lifelong lifestyle changes

How Do I Set Up A Consultation?

The team at St. Louis Bariatrics is honored that you are considering us as your partner in your weight loss journey. We often hear from patients that their only regret is not starting sooner, so please contact us today to take the first step toward better health.

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