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Meal Planning for a Bariatric Diet

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Bariatric surgery is a valuable tool for patients seeking a healthier and more active life, but Dr. Snow will be the first to tell you that long term lifestyle changes are the key to reaching and maintaining weight loss success. Navigating three meals a day, plus snacks can be overwhelming when you’re trying to make the right choices.

At St. Louis Bariatrics, we are committed to giving you the resources you need to succeed on your journey to better health. Our team has created a weekly meal plan template designed for patients who have had weight loss procedures such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

Downloadable Weekly Meal Plan Template

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

Taking the guesswork out of mealtime can help you make healthier choices and resist temptations, as well as save you the stress of last minute planning. Sticking with a meal plan may also save you money on your grocery bill.


  • We’ve created a Weekly Meal Plan Template for you to use. Click on the image below to download.
  • We have also created a Sample Weekly Meal Plan which provides meal ideas and recipes. Please click the image below to download.

5 Additional Tips and Resources for Weight Loss Success

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