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Cold Air, Don’t Care

It’s tempting to use winter weather as an excuse to hibernate, but staying active all year is important for weight loss success and maintaining good health. You have to keep moving even when the temperatures are dropping! Here are our tips to stay active throughout the winter season.

Be Prepared
Check the weather report for the week and plan your workouts accordingly. Remember that even when it is not sunny or warm out, you still need to stay hydrated and protect yourself with sunscreen.

Get the Right Gear
Layering is the key to comfortable outdoor exercise in the winter. If you’re jogging or getting your heart rate up, you’ll still be sweating even when it is cold outside so it is important that the clothing next to your skin is moisture wicking. Skip cotton in favor of a technical fabric – look for fitted base layers in fabrics such as TENCEL, polypropylene or CoolMax® . Layer warmer fabrics over that and use a waterproof top layer. Make sure that your socks are also moisture wicking and that your head, ears and hands are covered.

Make It Fun
Bring the family ice skating or sledding (run up that hill, don’t just watch from the top!) Around the holidays, walk the neighborhood to check out everyone’s decorations.

Stay Safe
The days are shorter and visibility can be decreased in the winter. Wear reflective fabrics and stay on running tracks or well lit sidewalks. Opt for indoor workouts when the weather is icy.

Have a Backup Plan
If you’re able to join a nearby gym, you’ll always have a place to work out. But if that isn’t accessible or affordable, there are still ways to move indoors. Clear a corner in the house, even if it is just enough room for an exercise mat. Look for free workout videos online (such as Fitness Blender and Do Yoga With Me) or check your local library for fitness videos.

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. At St. Louis Bariatrics we’re honored to be your lifelong partner in health. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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