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ReShape™ Dual Weight Loss Balloon

The ReShape™ dual gastric balloon system is a nonsurgical weight loss option that may be ideal for people who have been unsuccessful at losing weight through traditional diet and exercise programs.

About ReShape™ Gastric Balloon

The ReShape™ Dual Weight Loss Balloon System is composed of two connected silicone gastric balloons that are inserted nonsurgically. Placement and removal of the ReShape Balloon System does not require incisions or alterations to the digestive tract. In a procedure lasting about twenty minutes, the patient is lightly sedated and the tethered balloons are inserted into the stomach via the mouth. Once confirmed to be in the stomach, they are then inflated with a saline solution. The balloons are left in place for six months where they serve to curb appetite and encourage portion control.

The ReShape™ Gastric Balloon System is accompanied by a year of weight loss support. Using an exclusive patient portal full of resources and recipes, a wireless scale, and coaching from a team of weight loss professionals, the ReShape program teaches patients the healthy lifestyle habits needed to lose weight. After six months, the paired balloons are removed in a second endoscopic procedure. Although the balloons have been removed, the coaching program will continue for another six months to help patients maintain weight loss.*

*Individual results may vary

Benefits of the ReShape Gastric Balloon*

  • Non-surgical: No incisions or scars
  • Quick: Single procedure that lasts about 20 minutes
  • Reduced risk: Dual balloon system helps reduce risk of balloon migration
  • Temporary: The balloons are removed after six months

*Individual results may vary

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?*

ReShape has been clinically proven to help people lose weight, with some patients losing up to 81 pounds in six months. Patients who chose ReShape lost, on average, more than twice the weight of people who lost weight using solely diet and exercise. Additionally, the majority of ReShape patients were able to maintain weight loss after the balloons were removed.

*Individual results may vary

What to Expect After the Procedure*

After the ReShape outpatient procedure, patients are monitored and typically sent home within a few hours. Most ReShape patients are able to resume regular activities within a few days. Patients should expect a period of adjustment to the balloons that will vary by individual. Potential side effects include mild nausea, discomfort, and vomiting and will be monitored by Dr. Snow.

*Individual results may vary

Want to Know if ReShape is Right for You?*

ReShape is part of a complete lifestyle change, and was designed for people who are motivated and ready to make long term changes in order to maintain the results. The ideal candidate has a BMI between 30-40 with no previous weight loss surgery.

*Individual Results May Vary

Get Started with ReShape

If you would like to know if ReShape is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Snow. He will be able to answer any questions you have about weight loss options. You can also attend one of our FREE weight loss seminars, designed to help educate people about the weight loss procedures available at St. Louis Bariatrics.

Invest in Your Health

Contact us today if you’re ready to prioritize yourself and invest in your health. We partner with independent medical lenders to offer self-pay financing options make weight loss affordable for qualified candidates. When you decide to invest in ReShape, the fees go towards the entire program which include: the procedure fees, nutrition counseling, and the balloon removal. Fill out our easy contact form or call us at (314) 366-4874 with any questions or to get started today.


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