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10 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation

As the weather warms up, the mind wanders to summer vacation. It’s easy to get lost in planning a memorable time for children, or you may have a trip that you repeat every year. This year, put yourself into the plans. You have made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and vacation is a perfect time to celebrate (and use!) your body. Use these ideas to help plan your vacations with fun and fitness in mind. Here are 10 activities you can do to stay moving while traveling.

  1. Sign up for a 5k race in your vacation destination. Cities all over the world have fun regionally themed races. Make it an event by bringing family to cheer you on or run with you.
  2. Take your family to a place you’ll all have fun and be able to walk a lot, like a zoo or amusement park. Remember to pack healthy snacks and lunch to keep up your energy.
  3. Go on a yoga retreat if you’re craving a solo trip, or take a yoga class if you need time by yourself during a busy family holiday. Many yoga studios sell one day passes and supply mats.
  4. If vacationing at the beach, don’t just lounge – get in the water! Grab a snorkel, or have a swimming race with your travel buddies and explore the ocean blue.
  5. Other water workouts to try include kayaking and paddleboarding. Your arms and abs will be grateful for the use!
  6. If you’re going to a city you want to explore, take a walking or cycling tour instead of a bus tour. Many cities have cycling tours that provide bikes, helmets and a guide to take people around the city.
  7. When visiting extended family, instead of spending most of the time with them at meals, plan in hikes or walks as well. Rather than watch a movie after dinner, get outside. Walk to see the sunset or moonrise, look for fireflies (or local animals) with kids, or take a dog for a group walk.
  8. If you’re on a cruise ship where you might feel limited in your space, check the schedule for planned physical activities you can do, from dancing to water aerobics.
  9. Do a mud run, they combine mud and rough terrain with different obstacles. Many U.S. cities (and cities abroad) host mud run like Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Dirty Girl Mud Run (a women only 5k). Get a group together, train and travel together. It will make the rest of your trip seem so…clean.
  10. Staying in a hotel? Hit the gym! All you need to pack are sneakers and fitness clothes. Hotel gyms are usually very quiet so enjoy the time to yourself.

You Can Do It!
If you plan ahead and pack accordingly to your activities, you will be surprised how seamless staying active on vacation can be. By involving your friends and family in a shared goal, you’ll be making memories that might even turn into traditions. Let us know what your tips are to stay active on vacation!

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